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Lines are a combination of equipments.

We offer our standards when the Customer has no specific requirement.

Many other times we cooperate with the Customer and jointly design their finishing line :

We must speak the same language before starting a project!

Soap finishing is the transformation of soap noodles (pellets) into formulated stamped soap bars (tablets).
The goal is to refine/homogenize and compact product with optimum physical and chemical features.

Soap finishing consists of several working stages :

pre-refining, mixing, refining and extrusion, stamping and packaging.

A line with less refining stages (i.e. one Simplex Refiner and one Duplex Vacuum Plodder) is indicated to produce a limited variety of soaps (i.e. lightly coloured toilet soaps).

Lines with more refining stages (additional Three Roll-Mill) can produce soaps with large amount of additives and, in certain controlled conditions, synthetic products and translucent soaps.

The Transavon family of plodders make it possible to use them in four types of combinations with minimum space requirement, minimum power and utility consumption.

Four Types of Transavon Finishing Lines
  • SPECIAL - Multi-Product Line with Pre-Refining
    Standard Simplex Refiner + Mixer + Transavon Duplex Vacuum Plodder
  • TOTAL - Multi-Product Line without Pre-Refining
    Mixer + Simplex Refiner + Transavon Duplex Vacuum Plodder
  • STANDARD & Standard Transavon Line
    Mixer + Transavon Duplex Vacuum Plodder
  • ECO - Economical Transavon Line
    Mixer + Simplex Refiner + Transavon Simplex Plodder